Thursday, 9 June 2016

Political Issues - Prisoners - General News - Human Rights - HAARP - Drone Strikes etc.

Documentary : Shadows in Motion – Exposing foundations of the NWO , mirror .

Free Muslim Prisoners .

Who will stand up for Muslim prisoners? ,

Information Clearing House .

Islamic Human Rights Commission .

Surrendering Islam (The subversion of Muslim politics throughout history until the present day)

Indian hand in Pakistan floods confirmed & hydro war ,

HAARP – America’s Secret Weapon ,

Drone Strikes in Pakistan

Zaid Hamid : Site 1 , Site 2 (Note: I am linking his sites due to the positive & aggressive analysis of Zaid Hamid, which is important in these times. Some scholars have also criticised the person of Zaid Hamid for his past contact with Yusuf Kazzab and his refusal to openly call Yusuf Kazzab & all his followers out of Islam. Yusuf Kazzab method is incarnate theory attack in which the false claimant claims to be a reappearance of the Prophet (peace be upon him), thus throws himself and his followers who believe his claim out of Islam.)

Usage of Haraam pig in various products : Site , video direct (containing entire book as video, download in HD using any youtube & streaming sites video downloader tool. Serious action and alternate pig free products required.)

Interfaith Issues - Finality of Prophethood, Atheism, Agnosticism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism

Interfaith Issues

A Brief discussion on Interfaith issues : Atheism/Agnosticism, Christianity & Hinduism , mirror .

Finality of Prophethood

Those who deny that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last Messenger & last Prophet and believe that a new prophet or messenger can come after him are out of Islam & so their discussions in interfaith issues.
Irshad website .
The Seal of Prophethood by Syed Anwer Ali . , .
Finality of Prophethood books .

Atheism & Agnosticism ,
The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage Of Atheism .
Unlocking the Mystery of Life ,
The Privileged Planet .
Blasting The Foundations of Atheism Volume 1 – 2nd edition . (Only use his material against Atheism & agnosticism & on proving Islam scientifically, but avoid his material on internal Islamic issues. Harun Yahya has become a shameless pervert in recent years and more like a cult leader . ) 

Christianity & Judaism

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat : Videos & BooksMore Books ,

Muhammad Rahmatullah Kairanvi :
Izhar ul Haqq (Arabic) : Book , Preface .
Izhar ul Haqq (English) : Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 . Alternate typed version .

Dr Mauris : The Bible, The Qur’an & Science ,
Kais al-Kalby : Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Last Messenger in the Bible , mirror.
Bilal Philips : Dawah Training , True message of ‘Eesa (pbuh) .
Sheikh Yusuf Estes: Site .
Dr Sahib Mustaqim: Books .

Answering Christianity .

Hinduism a Mythology, not a religion

The End of Hinduism Draft 0.3 .
Some of the many severe scientific errors in Hindu Scriptures .
Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded !
Oh you Hindu… AWAKE !
Genocide of women in Hinduism !
The Hindutva Offensive !
Myth of United India !
Hindu Facists’ violence against Christians, Muslims, Sikhs & Minorities in India !

Suggestion for Interfaith Discussions

In any discussion or debate, if the person asks 1 question about Islam, you answer that question but must also ask a tough question regarding that person's religion, including Atheists and Agnostics. See their sections above for ideas on what to ask them.